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Talking how things change, for the good

Well now DH has his hands full. I smile thinking about it. He has three girls he's sort of juggling in addition to me. Two he works with and the other he met today on okc and they are going to meet tomorrow.

And now that he knows he isn't going to be sitting at home, alone, while I meet new friends, his envy is abating, almost gone.

You may just ask yourself, did she just say two co-workers? Yep, I did. There is NA, whom he's been involved with sexually and I've posted about before. And then there is NK, whom he has a deep emotional connection with. Last night the General Manager (GM) confronted him about his involvement with two of her waitresses, well not that alone, but she thought he was cheating one me. He explained we are poly and she says (she's Japanese) "you mean like that poly show on showbox"? So for the rest of the evening he gets a lot of teasing, flack from the GM. I think it's funny. I tried to warn him to be careful, girls talk.

Well that's his headache and not mine. I am here for him to get advice from but that's about all I can do. I really want to get to know NA (she's bi) more as I have a mini-crush on her, but that's all for now.

Now to me: I have only had one date, which never went beyond that. I canceled a date due to more than the height issue. The guy actually text'd me yesterday apologizing, saying he thinks it could have worked for us had he not asked for pics and videos. Too late.

I have a few guys who I'm texting with. There is one that I've liked AO (a body builder/trainer/male dancer and is 5'8). My only issue is he doesn't have a vehicle, lives 30 minutes away and if we evolve to sex (which I feel like it will) we'd have to do hotels every time (kind of spendy). I really like him.

Then this morning I re-connected with a guy from okc (lets call him NS) whom I had really liked back in July but it was to fuck and that was it. He text'd me and I told him I stopped my contact because I want more than just that. He replied he wants to be friends now. Guess not contacting him for over a month (I'd see him looking at my profile on okc once a week or more) has him a little more interested in just sex, we shall see. At least NS has his own home but also lives 30 minutes away.

So sometime this week Wed or Thur I will be meeting NS after DH gets off of work (home by 10). NS works from 1 to 10ish right now. Then Sunday I have plans to meet AO for a hike or walk in a park.

And tomorrow night, PR is coming over for some tag team time. I love seeing PR. It's been over a month since we've been together (he also lives 30 minutes away). It's so hot with PR and DH. I keep telling DH if PR was willing to be in an emotional relationship with me, I'd be quite content. Alas, PR's still searching for that "girl to bring home to moma". As I've said before, I'll just enjoy our times together and when it ends, it ends. Yes I fell in love with PR months ago, but I'm good at boxing my emotions up and setting on the shelf.

On my okc profile I've left only two pics of me up there. I'm not getting 10 messages a day, but more like 5 and still just as many views. I was asked by a guy what it was I was looking for in a guy today (he lives like 4 hours away). I responded, "someone nearby".

I believe you see a pattern to the guys I 30 minutes away. Not only are they to the west of me but in a different state entirely. I live right on the state line. The "big city" to my east just doesn't have many poly folks. There are a lot of kinksters to the east and west based off of those who have asked to be friends on fetlife, but so far, no one there is interested in involvement with a person who is poly.

Time to get in the shower. DH and I are going to work out. Leave the boy home with his big sis (she's got a ton of homework to do after physical therapy) and take the little girl with us since the daycare at the gym is open until 7:30 tonight. I love working out! It feels so good.

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