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I think because I love to be every moment I can with someone I love, I mean literally think "joined at the hip" kind of constant closeness, we would naturally gravitate towards us together dating other people because we wouldn't spend that much time doing our own things apart from each other, plus I naturally am a sharing person and I would like to get to know the person who is also making my lover happy to and maybe love them to.~

I also have no boundaries, so getting a hug and a kiss or giving a hug and a kiss while on the toilet would NOT be out of the question for me.~ I'm also the kind of person to invite other people to use the toilet while I'm using the shower since it's only practical.~ In fact I wouldn't mind showering together with many people at once in one shower.~ I would do all of this with anyone regardless of whether I just met them or not, BUT ESPECIALLY with my lover(s).~ ^_^

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