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OK, calm down.

I didn't single you out. I know that your kid's dad is involved, you've said that before. So you're not even the kind of family I'm talking about. What I said is that IF a child doesn't have any male role model, THEN they will be more likely to latch on to some random guy who happens to be available. It doesn't need to be the guy you bring home, it can be a male teacher, a scouting leader, or the mail man for that matter.

It wasn't "stereotypical." Nor was it slander against single parents. It was slander against people who try to raise children in isolation from the rest of their community, be they single parents or nuclear heterosexuals. Children need exposure to lots of people, lots of kinds of people, in order to grow up healthy and tolerant. One person cannot go it alone. Humans evolved in communal living arrangements, all the adults would take responsibility for all the kids. It's only in the last 50 years or so that everyone started acting like two people are all the authority figures any kid needs, and everyone else should mind their own business.

I think it's stupid to believe that just because modern families want to do things differently, that somehow negates tens of thousands of years of evolved brain development that governs the social needs of children and humans in general. Neanderthals had unpartnered parents all the time. The whole tribe would help out, just like they did for all the non-single parents. It's what they needed to do for the tribe to survive.

Kids need male and female role models. Fact. Anyone who thinks two women or two men, or one man, or one woman, can substitute for exposure to people of both genders, is both ignorant and arrogant. I'm not saying single parents are "bad," I'm not saying homosexual parents are "bad." I'm saying people who think they can single-handedly provide 100% of the social needs of a child are idiots. I'm saying that lesbians who only hang out with other lesbians and never let their kids meet a man are fucking up their kids. Humans are social creatures, they need socialization from all kinds of people. If the primary caregivers are women, they need male friends to be involved. If the primary caregivers are men, they need female friends to be involved. That's just obvious.

I didn't say every family needs a Mommy and a Daddy. I didn't even imply it. I said that every child needs both male and female role models. Little boys need to learn how good men treat women. Little girls need to learn how women are treated by good men. And vice-versa.
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