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Originally Posted by london View Post
The two things are not even comparable. I am strongly against elective circumcision without medical indication. The reason I find excess body hair (particularly pubic and underarm) unhygienic is because blood, vaginal discharge, fecal matter, sweat and other substances that leak out of one's pores cling to the hair creating a warm, damp swamp - an ideal ground for bacteria to breed. This is what makes one stink. That is proven scientifically. There is also no way to get your deodorant where it needs to be if you have hair in the way.
There's a relatively new invention you may not be aware of called BATHING, it's when you WASH your own body with various substances and water so you DON'T DIE OF DISEASE!

I can't speak for other people, but I like to bathe before it gets to the point where my hair is a breeding ground "swamp" for disease.~

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