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Originally Posted by Scarletta View Post
L and his girlfriend are able to see each other at work every day, as well as spend some time after work 5 days a week.
Im going to try to give you a little perspective on just this bit....Nudge and I work together, and yes it IS nice we get to have lunch when we want/can and get some chats during the day...but honestly? its almost more of a tease than anything else. "Seeing" him is always nice, i love his face, but we are working at work and have to be very very careful about spending any time socializing. We spend a lot of our work day interaction just wishing we could actually HAVE a conversation. You hvae a kid right? Have you ever noticed how when youre with your spouse and the kid is around, its hard to have adult convos or finish talking about/doing something cause the little tyke is always pipping up and you have to wait for 'adult quiet time'? (unless it isnt like that with 1 kid, i have three) Thats what beign at work with your partner is kind of like, just looking for that moment you can actually speak.
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