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let me show you something I wrote on my blog the other day about people who talk about being "in love":

You see, to me, people would say they were "in love" when they wanted to justify why they behave unreasonably towards others, or even themselves by staying in an unhealthy or futile relationship. It was always the reason that people felt it was alright to sacrifice their dignity, self respect and their loyalty to the people who loved them (perhaps not romantically) before and during the time they had this romantic relationship; the same people that will still love you after it ends. So to me, I guess the definition of romantic love, was the point one reaches when the survival of the romantic relationship between two or more people who love one another supersedes whether that romantic relationship is actually healthy for the people involved. When it becomes more important to be in the relationship than happy in the relationship, you are officially "in love" and now, the usual norms and expectations of a functioning human being no longer apply.
This is a blog thingy so I am not going to say much more but, girl, if this was in relationships corner, there would be pages. Believe me.
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