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Apparently I have a new nickname. It's Peaches. M and I were out to lunch last week, and the waitress said, "Thanks Peaches" to me after bringing my order. We laughed lots after she left, and then today on chat M called me nifty and peachy, and then we quoted lines back and forth from that earworm song from The Presidents of the USA about peaches. I like my new name; it's sweet.

Gosh, NRE! I am so squeeee this morning and I love just thinking about M! I can't see him until Wednesday, so I am bumming about that. Normally we would see each other Mondays, but his car is kaput and I don't have gas money at the moment. Stupid house needing to be paid for! However, I'm not dwelling on the negative and instead just focusing on how awesome I feel when he kisses me. He is quite thorough. My ex husband kissed me once a year - I wish that was an exaggeration. My D is much better - I get lots of affection and kisses from him everyday. However, M just starts with a kiss, and then he is all over my ear, and neck and chest and then back up to my lips. He is so intense with them! My husband is sweet, M is passionate.

How awesome that I can have both!
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