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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
You can't commit to the changes in your emotions. That is an unfair requirement that you have put on yourself. Things change - that is guranteed. If they are "comitted" to doing this in a respectful and healthy way then they will understand that.

I wish I knew then what I know now. I didnt think it would be this difficult. But after weighing the facts "My wife who I love involved with Nikki who I love...and not being able to share in those moments" yea what was I thinking.

On another note I think that they have both come to the conclusion that they both want to be in a long term relationship with each other. Which in my opinion is the point where we should all work together toward our triad. Yet they still are set on building their relationship without me....which is driving me crazy.

What I am most afraid of is all of us getting used to the way things are now. Where wifey has separate time with me and separate time with her. Where as the only people dealing with our loved ones being with someone else is Nikki and I. Wifey has it made in the shade..she has both of us living there and at her beck and call. Why would she want a change? I will admit that with her being the slowest common denominator she has the most say so on the pace of things and Nikki will follow suite because like I said before she doesnt want to push wifey away.
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