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I think it also depends a lot on the children themselves and the family situation at home. Some kids are used to people coming in and out of their lives and they don't really think about it. They might miss someone when they don't see them anymore, but they're quickly distracted by some other new friend. Other kids get really really attached right away, and they really miss people when they go. I think a major factor in that is often whether they have enough love and role models at home. e.g., LR's kids have three parents who all love them, and grown-up siblings who probably fulfill that role as well. Since they're not missing anything at home, they would be less likely to latch on to the first male who walks in the door. Conversely, the child of a single mother may have no strong male role-model, so they may look to fill that role wherever they can. So every boyfriend who walks in the door has much more potential to break the kid's heart when they leave.

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