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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
They key difference isnt the strictness of protocol.
The key differentiation is a slave agrees to allow the master full control (ie tye term slave) whereas a sub agrees to limited control and reserves the right to rescind the agreement at will.
Originally Posted by london View Post
no, I know many submissives who have no say over anything in their lives - when they eat, drink, pee, talk. Some people just totally reject the word slave because of it's historical background and some just don't use it to describe themselves.
This all falls under my philosophy that only the person using the label has the right to choose the label and how it's applied. As a matter of coincidence, my tag below is stolen from a woman who identifies as "a sub" but lives the type of lifestyle defined by LR's "slave."

The debate on the meanings of "sub vs slave" is an old one, and certainly won't be resolved here. There are BDSM dictionaries all over the place that attempt to set it in stone, but that will never happen. London is right that individuals will always choose their own way to do things, and call it whatever the fuck they want. Few things irk me as much as one person telling another person how they may or may not identify themselves.
I don't need labels to define me. They're sticky and I hate the glue they leave behind.
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