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DH's body hair is really fine and almost invisible on his arms and legs, and fortunately he is not hairy. He has no hair on his chest or back, and I am glad. I do not equate hairiness to being a "manly man." He trims down there, but he leaves enough so that it is not prickly, itchy, or an irritant for me.

I hate body hair on myself, so I get it all removed via I2PL. If I do not like something about myself, I reserve the right to change it. I hated the way it felt and looked, so I did something about it. It had nothing to do with the porn industry because I was and am not in to porn. I started shaving and waxing in my teen years. In my adult years, I moved towards electrolysis and now laser treatments. I just prefer smooth skin from the neck down, and it is not for the purpose of sex. Even if I was single, I would still do the same thing. I choose to include laser removal as part of the things I do that make me feel neat and put together like getting blow outs, eyebrow waxing, manicures, pedicures, microderm, etc. Those things are for my own comfort and personal maintenance.

It was interesting to read this thread. Do what makes you feel comfortable and to hell with the rest.
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