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Hi Indie, we posted at the same time.

Yeah, I've been trying to date others ever since he and I met. I mean just before we met, I had just started up with the Gentleman and the Hottie... as Ginger reminds me. But I only had 3 dates with the Hottie before he went mono with his other gf, and, tho I continued with the Gentleman for 7 months, as soon as I met Ginger I saw Gentleman less, because he was nowhere near as right for me as Ginger.

Since then I've only met 2 other guys, had one date each and it didn't work out. One was a year ago. One was in July this year.

Ginger reminds me he started chatting Trish soon after he and I met. I didn't hear much about her til this summer as she had, I think, 2 other loves who have both now been broken up with. So she and Ginger didn't actually meet this this July.

This other woman, C, seemed to come out of the blue very suddenly. Thing is, I'd probably like her. She's smart and bubbly, fun, reads a lot, and loves Eddie Izzard. Yesterday after her date with Ginger, she messaged me to talk about Eddie! I wrote back.

Funny thing is, today Ginger told me that he met her in her city at the event there because she told him she'd be there with friends. So, it was just a very casual friend meet thing, not a one on one date! She had her bff with her the whole time. It took him a while to find her and they only ended up being together for half an hour! He said there weren't a lot of sparks and he doesn't know when they will see each other again. She's 46 and doesn't drive! Neither does her husband.
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