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Originally Posted by ColorsWolf View Post
Great point!~ ^_^ Thanks for helping me learn some more!~ I did not know that!~

Although I still think polyamory could be found in many cultures although probably with a different name or no name at all as the concept of loving more than 1 person is nothing new really, I am still creating a separate thread for the reasons I listed above.~ ^_^
I have argued a similar argument to one your are positioning yourself around. The problem is, polyarmory is at times connected to a lot of relationship structuring and relationship ethics around the name. When in reality it just means love more than one.

Polygamy while not always ethical can be polyamorous.
Even a harem could be, if there is more than one person loved.

Ethics are an interesting line. Quite a bit of it is based on history and location. So your premise I believe is correct, although some of your other phrasing makes it difficult to agree with you.

*shrugs*... its kind of like debating religion with someone of faith.. its just sometimes not worth it.
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