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Thanks for the reply, fuchka! Yeah, I think I feel pretty much the same way. Not wanting to regret anything and also the thought that I'd like to know if someone had a crush on me, so why shouldn't I say that to others.

Moving in together is becoming more and more certain. Now it's basically only up to one thing and Hank finds out about that in a couple of days. If he gets the job (it's looking pretty good at the moment), we'll start looking properly. I say properly because we already started a bit and called a few places, but we won't go see them before we know for sure. We've spent a lot of time on talking about potential pitfalls and problems in living together, but I think we've managed to tackle most of them in theory. Obviously you never know what's going to happen and we can never prepare for everything. But it still feels good to talk about different possible outcomes. One thing we spent a lot of time on is what do we do if one of us starts dating - and bringing back home - someone that the other really dislikes. That's a tough one, I don't know what to think about that. At the moment it's not an issue since Hank likes rory, but who knows about the future. That was the only issue we didn't come up a solution to. I guess we'll just have to cross that bridge when we come to it, if we ever do.

I wrote this about 6 months ago:

Originally Posted by Mya View Post
I've noticed a change in myself recently. I've become more sexual somehow. I've been jokingly called a pervert quite a lot recently, one time it was even "colossal pervert". I talk about sex more and I do it more directly, I think about it more and I want to have it more than before. It's interesting. I don't know what has happened, but at least I'm really happy to be poly right now, so that there is more than one person to fulfill these increasing desires.
The thing is, nowadays I feel horny so often that I don't even recognize myself anymore. How come I've changed so much? It's weird. The truth is that I'm not getting as much sex as I'd like. Although with two partners I probably get more than I would with one, but I'd still like more. I don't remember the last time I declined sex when my partner suggested it. I'm starting to feel like my sex drive is excessive. I'm trying to keep a sex-positive attitude and not think that it's a bad thing to want sex often, but lately it's been feeling more like a burden. Why can't I just be happy with what I've got? I mean, I am happy otherwise of course, but there's just that one thing. And it's not even all about the orgasms, even though they're great too, it's more about touching and kissing all over. It's about experimenting, experiencing and being close to each other. That's what I crave. So doing it by myself doesn't help much.
Me: bi female in my 30's
Soon living with Hank (partner), Dahlia (Hank's partner), Eddie (Dahlia's partner) and rory (ex/friend)


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