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Since I am new to poly, I wasn't sure what the etiquette was, or what was expected. When I had my tests done last week, I messaged my boyfriend M that I had my results back and asked if he wanted to see them. He told me no, but maybe his wife might want to see them. So I asked the doctor's office for a print out. When I saw M after that, he glanced at the papers but didn't take them with him, so I dunno. I figure I will keep them for a short while, but will end up shredding them soon. It's not like I couldn't ask for another copy later, if we break up a new potential wants to see them.

M is going to the doctor on Wednesday to get his results, and he asked me to go with him. I don't think I would have required a paper copy, but since I will be there with him, I definitely don't need one.
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