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Hello everyone, my name is Tracy but I have had the nickname MystRei since meeting my husband 14 years ago in an on line game called Legends of Kesmai. He is the Geek in the family and I am the Freak. We have two kids, a cat, and fish. Our daughter blessed us with 5 Grand kids but sadly we lost Alice on my birthday of this year. We also lost our Baby Chihuahua just a few weeks ago, we had her for 12 years.

Life is crazy around her right now with Football Season starting "GO NINERS" I am the fanatic of the bunch. He is a Pittsburgh fan, but cheered my team all the way to the Super Bowl.

Our son is in SC in College and will graduate May 2014.

I am 45 and Bisexual, I had a girlfriend for over 9 years before we felt like life was taking us in different directions. My husband and I have shared lovers in the past but they have all been women. We would like to find a lover who would be a constant in our life as we don't like to shuffle people in and out of the lives of our Grand kids. Our daughter is poly also, and she and her children live with us. Her lovers come over for weekend visits and we tell the children what we think is age appropriate for them to understand that you can love more than one person at a time.

Hope to find some friends and lovers on here. Got a question ask, I am openly honest about everything in my life.


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