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Originally Posted by violiner93 View Post
Under what circumstances, if any, do you require to see a physical copy of a partner's STI screening results? A partner's partner's results? A partner's partner's partner's results? Is that a line that you draw somewhere, where is it, and why?
None. I believe in trust. Firstly, I have to trust my partner(s) to be truthful with me. If I don't trust what they are saying to me about anything, we have issues. Secondly, I have to trust that they have sound character judgement: that means that if a metamour says that s/he doesn't have any STDs, I might enquire what tests they have had, but I have to believe what they say. That is part of trusting my partner and his choice in partners. Thirdly, I look after my own sexual health - it's my responsibility to protect my health and I do so by having regular STD tests. If my test comes back positive, it will be obvious that someone in the network has contracted an STD, probably when breaking a fluid bonding agreement that they didn't disclose. That would mean that I have to reconsider my trust in that person.

If it was herpes that I came back positive for, it would be hard to actually confirm that I had contracted it from a current partner and that they broke a fluid bond agreement of some sort to get it. They might have got it whilst using protection, same as I could have. Either/any of us, tested or not, might have had it for some time.
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