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I've been feeling very upset about Ginger dating these 2 new women. He's got a date set up with Mischa for next Wed (4 days from now), despite her herpes diagnoses. And today he is seeing his newest potential, C, first date, for a day out walking around in her city. There are 2 events they will wander about in.

I even had a terrible nightmare last night about Ginger and C. I was freaking out violently in the dream, having seen photos of them having sex. Ugh. I woke up out of the dream all out of breath.

I am feeling distant and unbonded with Ginger. Even though we've had some fun this summer, it's also been rife with illnesses and missed connections.

First I had a month long sinus infection. Then he was hospitalized for the anaplasmosis from the tick bite. Then his wife needed surgery on her gut. Then he got a cold as severe a my sinus infection.

Meanwhile miss p was out of town for a week in both July and August, and had emotions around both trips she needed to deal with.

Then I have one date with a guy who tries to kill himself 4 days after our date. Also Ginger has had 3 new people he has dated, or tried to, this summer! One guy, 2 women.

I brought up to him the other day when I visited him how I thought him having 5 women was too much (his wife, me, miss p, Mischa and C). All he did was say he liked variety, like one doesn't want to eat only one food. I said, it's all well and good to like variety, but there's this issue of relationship maintenance. I feel like just one of a harem now. A revolving door or conveyor belt of pussy for him, and I am just one of them. Yuck. I said, "I don't feel special," and it didn't help when he replied, "You are all special."

A few days ago miss p and I were running an errand in his town, and I said, do you want to just drop by on Ginger so you can see his new porch? So we did and found him at home. So we were out on the porch, Ginger and I standing there with our arms around each other, and miss p sitting on the bench. We chatted, he told her details of the building process, etc.

Then we went inside his cabin and suddenly he reached out, grabbed miss p and gave her a solid kiss. He let her up for air, and said, "All I've been wanting to do since you got here was that."

Man, that hurt. He had his arm around me and all he wanted to do was grab and kiss miss p? Fuck.

Any sympathy or advice from anyone reading this would be appreciated.
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