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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
I'm wondering if anyone here has had previous experiences similar to mine, that is with a V, not a triad, and if they could tell me about it? I'm just not sure how it would all work out, and if it would be awkward or what. I mean so far it's been fantastic, but it might be different when we're actually all in the same room/bed. Anyone has any pointers, things to keep in mind?
The relationship now developing in my life was "supposed" to be a V. My wife and my gf have always been straight and never planned to be attracted to each other. Then they were. First light kisses were more innocent and emotional, but the heat between the two of them grew with time. Our first threesome simply grew, naturally, out of a serious make-out session on the couch. We've been moving toward a triad, slowly, but it took us a while to realize that. The threesomes keep getting more intense. But that's not about a V...

I would think that the part of our experience which is relevant is that we rotate through who is the center of attention and being touched by the other two. If you're the middle of the V with two guys who truly aren't going to be touching each other, you'll be getting LOTS of attention - it won't just be about you pleasing them because you can only do so much at one time. If they're okay watching (we do that sometimes, slowing things down by having one person enjoy while the other two being close), it could be really awesome. And you get non-stop attention? Sounds fun.
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