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Originally Posted by Dragon13 View Post
And I must admit, I find a shaved pussy to be much more visually appealing than a hairy one.
For centuries, the sight of a bush was a big turn-on. It wasn't until internet porn popularized clean-shaven pussies that it suddenly became appealing. Watch some classic porn from the 60s and 70s and no one is shaven! Women only needed to trim a little if they wanted to, and shave the bikini line so that their bushes didn't stick out the edges of their bathing suits. For a man to shave his body or pubes 15 years ago was considered very, very odd. Only gay men, bodybuilders, and certain types of athletes (cyclists) did it.

But the current trend is directly related to online porn! Back then, porn wasn't as easy to access as it is now and there was no need to be as explicit as there is now. People felt lucky to be able to bring home a naughty super 8 film for their projector and get an eyeful of bush! And the films had storylines and took a while to get to the money shot.

Nowadays porn is so readily available online - but to keep people on a site, they need the payoff sooner. That requires having everything shaven, and positioning the actors so that all genitals can be seen more easily on camera. Viewers don't want to wait, they want to see it all, up close, right away, forget a story. It's basically a marketing ploy to get more porn customers, so the trend is to have all shaven genitalia, and this has brainwashed the masses into thinking that hairless pussies are more attractive. It never was before, so why is it now? Pubic hair is a sign of sexual maturity. Think about it. Personally, I don't like my pussy looking like a child's.
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