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Do you know how many people live on this planet? And you want us to summarize what you might run into? We don't know where you're heading. And your asking if "foreigners," people outside the US, are as old-fashioned and backward as you've heard... this mindset is why we get called "ugly Americans." Sheesh, have you ever even read a history book, learned about other cultures, read a periodical that was published in a country other than your own (such as The Economist), listened to BBC radio, or opened up your mind a little? If not, you should start!

You have said you have little to no experience in relationships, and it seems you've led a sheltered life. I think you should focus on your basic training, your job in the Navy, and staying alive. Let the maturity that will come from that guide you in relationships in the future.
The world opens up... when you do.

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