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Originally Posted by monkeystyle View Post
Hi herstory,

You might try attending a get together of the Corvallis Poly group on They are the only active group that I'm aware outside of Eugene and Portland, but folks from around the valley attend. Very, very, nice people who'd probably be interested in your hobbies. At the least, they are excellent hang out poly people.

I'll check out but I have a hard time talking myself into group things. I'm kind of introverted, lol.

Originally Posted by NewHusband View Post
I'm not in OR, but I'm in the NW and travel to OR from time to time. I'm looking for new friends if you want to talk some time.
Sure, send me a message or friend request if you're interested in becoming friends.

Originally Posted by AlwaysGrowing View Post
There are a few different groups in Portland (and one in Vancouver, WA), one in Corvallis, and there used to be one in Salem but they currently don't have anyone willing to host events. If you're interested in those kinds of things, I would definitely recommend checking out and/or fetlife. Lots of poly folks to be found, you just have to hunt around for 'em sometimes!
Yeah, I'll have to get more into group gatherings so I can meet people. It's so hard for me to go to a group of people I don't know though. Maybe I can talk somebody I know into going with me.
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