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Originally Posted by ColorsWolf View Post
Are there many people in this world who are of the 'nomad' mindset or at least open to it or do most people want to 'settle down' and even if they say they don't do they 'eventually want to settle down' as they may change but I might not?

I guess in a nutshell, this is one of my greatest questions: do most people want to 'settle down' or 'eventually want to'? Are there no more swashbuckeling adventurers left in this world who never want to settle down?~
Without taking a census it's impossible to answer the question. Perhaps if you're asking at a personal 'you' level it makes more sense.

My thought: There's more than one kind of adventurer in the world these days. Technology has made mental adventurers of many, and has reinforced the isolation of others (who probably wouldn't have left the village in ancient times anyway). Many people don't allow their minds to exit their own sphere of visual awareness(and are quite content), others spend their days dreaming of different places, cultures, and identities. And perhaps a few just want to experience some of the awe and majesty of feeling alive by throwing caution to the wind and roaming each and every day. Those people, usually lacking resources, are probably not online to answer your post.

Settling down is a necessity if a society is to continue. Without people doing that, roads to roam on wouldn't exist.

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