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Originally Posted by ColorsWolf View Post
Apparently either you think or you think that I think that all Americans and foreigners are similar, if it is the latter and not the former then you made these assumptions entirely on your own.~ I am actually indicting the opposite of insular since I am expressing interest in learning about other kinds of people and cultures not of my own.~ That is why I ask these questions.~ So I have no idea how you jumped to such conclusions.~
You have expressed no interest in learning about "other cultures". You have lumped everyone outside the borders of your home country into one backwards traditionalist blob and asked to learn about that blob. That blob is a product entirely of your own imagination, it has no culture to learn about. If you had asked about a particular country or a particular area then you might not have sounded so utterly insulting toward everywhere outside the US.

Originally Posted by ColorsWolf View Post
Although you did make it a point to include an "edit:" part in your post, so I suppose you caught yourself in this and are trying to apologize in a round-about way.~ In which case, yes I accept your apology!
No. In my edit I was offering 16 years of naval experience to tell you why you will likely find yourself disappointed if you expect to build lasting relationships with people you meet while deployed. Any apology you read into it was not intended.

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