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Originally Posted by alibabe_muse View Post
Yes I did cancel & told him I wasn't feeling it. This is all new to me & being one that is a people pleaser it felt good to stop myself from going through with something my gut was telling me "no" to. Funny I'm talking with another guy who is 5'8 but he's different (cuter too), is actually talking with me & hasn't started talking about sex. He's stayed respectful, so far. I'm not writing off short men, just being picky on personality.
It always fascinates me to hear about what people are drawn to in a potential partner. (I am a demisexual, so I feel no sexual attraction to anyone but the person I am in love with.) I have friends who specifically prefer a certain hair colour, eye colour, height, weight range, race, etc. I can appreciate those things at an aesthetic level, but that is where the line is drawn for me.

Hopefully things will work out with this new guy. If he has the personality and piques your interest, he might be worth it.

Thank you. It's interesting I was offered the position since I wasn't trying hard to get it. I actually have 6 more seasons of preparing taxes than the owner. I think that was a big factor compared to other candidates. And now I'm excited to start working.
Bravo. Your additional experience probably did help you secure the job. I hope it goes well, and I hope you enjoy it.
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