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Default It sounds like

you are tired of being ignored, as if it doesn't matter who brings it up so long as you are able to discuss the things that are important to you. When a partner refuses to discuss topics that are obviously subjects of concern for you, yes you will become agitated from feeling ignored.

Wrong timing is one thing, and when it is -- if you did bring up the subject at an inconvenient time -- you likely wouldn't be frustrated had you been informed that it isn't that he is not willing to discuss the topic, that when he gets home he will be glad to talk about it or an hour after he gets home to give him time to clear his head.

Sometimes people are clueless about how much easier it is to deal with a concern when you know that it will be dealt with later, and some people are passive aggressive manipulators, so you may want to make sure he knows that when you have certain concerns that you need to know that they will be addressed or at least discussed, that if it is not a good time that he will at least let you know when that time will be.

Regardless of whether or not the two are on the same page as to the things in life that you see as important -- as in you don't have to be of the same beliefs -- however you cannot ignore the things that are important to each other because is it not healthy for those you care about, who supposedly also care about you, it is not healthy for their words or behavior to communicate that you are not important, that the your concerns are of no significance because you are insignificant, or in any way "less than" in the overall grand scheme of things.

Yes, timing is everything and life will also have emergencies or just needs to be lived in a way that reflects a system of priorities of importance, but that is a far cry away from ignoring the concerns of a person you are in a loving relationship with, so if it's anything like a Master and puppy relationship you had better understand that your needs will be about as important as the family pet, if not there is going to be an upset woman who wishes to be treated as a person as opposed to a dog

Which is not going to work well for you unless you naturally desire to have your life be lived according to the priorities of your Master

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