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Last night was incredible, and yes, tortuous. Still very, very wonderful. M told me he loved me several times, even though we both know we are in the throws of NRE. Neither of us care. He's pretty close to perfect so far. Things he considers negatives about himself are positives to me!

I will see him again tomorrow morning for the competitive Star Wars Trivia contest. We have a strong team of nerds, so we should do well. I had to blow off my sister in law's baby shower to attend, actually. The trivia was scheduled first and since I put together the team, I couldn't really cancel. Plus, I'd rather be with my friends than with women I don't know talking about a baby that isn't born yet. Plus, we have lived near my sister in law for almost 2 years and she's the only family member who hasn't come to our house once. I am not supposed to feel slighted by this. Whatever.

Back to being poly. I accidentally outed my status to a new friend yesterday, because she asked me why I was leaving a morning event early. I told her I had to go pick up my boyfriend. D'oh! Of course she knew I had a husband! She then gave me a first bump when I explained that we had an open relationship. Whew! I told her that only about half of our combined friend group knows, and to please be more discrete than I was. Lol she said she understood, women are judgmental. I think she's a keeper, but only time will tell.
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