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Hi Kevin, thanks for the reply and the thoughts.

Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
It sounds like you have gained the most important part of any poly relationship -- consent from all involved partners. As time goes on (and the NRE mellows out), you will probably encounter other challenges, such as communication and whatnot.
I suppose that communication is the hobgoblin of all relationships, be they poly, mono, friendships, work, or whatever else. We're the kind of family that reads Deborah Tannen and John Gottman for fun, kind of an academic level. It was actually our joy at each other's communication that brought all three of us to each other, so we "practice" a lot.

Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
I think the kids have to be told sooner or later, as they can be pretty smart at observing things on their own.
Yeah, we're pretty sure they'll be the first to hear from us. We are giving it a bit of time before we do so, because we want to be sure this isn't a fling, if that makes sense. I've kept my LDR secret for ages, and that's sustainable because it's easy when you don't see someone often. Keeping three local relationships hidden (two individual ones, as well as the triad) is going to be much harder. Frankly, we're pretty sure they're going to walk in on two of us kissing - we want to talk to them before that, and are doing our best to keep them away when it happens!
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