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Originally Posted by london View Post
You see, the rule is you aren't allowed to say you are seeking a triad (even if you are), you are only allowed to be happy or mention it if it happens.
Smiling. I totally misspoke in my original post, and love this way of phrasing it, instead. Thanks!

Right now, these relationships are all of different histories and different levels of involvement. But, we do seem to be stumbling toward a triad. To go at the nuance of the quote: it's not like I'm seeking a triad - I just hope it really happens among the three of us. We're all pretty open about the differences in our relationships, which sexually speaking is two hot married folks, two passionate lovers, two intimate and exploring best-friend make-out partners. We're different, and also love being all together. Enjoying the differences seems to be the effect - feeling safe when you're not involved in that other event (or being all together and loving that too). Because the sexiness is just an expression of the emotional and personal. How we are as a trio, or in couples, just feels good, right now. So, yeah, happy that it's happening, definitely that.
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