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Originally Posted by Emm View Post
So there are Americans and "foreign people", all of whom feel, think, and act identically? How astonishingly insular.

Edit: As someone who has spent the last 16 years working for an organisation similar to the one you're about to join but with a different flag, I think you're getting ahead of yourself if you think you'll be developing any form of long-lasting relationship with people you meet while travelling the world with 200+ of your nearest and dearest. Generally you'll find that you're in foreign ports for only a few days at a time, and very rarely will you visit the same place twice. The chance of striking up anything beyond the most casual of relationships with a local is pretty much nil.
Mmmk, that answers almost none of my questions what so ever, but thanks for the input!~ ^_^

Apparently either you think or you think that I think that all Americans and foreigners are similar, if it is the latter and not the former then you made these assumptions entirely on your own.~ I am actually indicting the opposite of insular since I am expressing interest in learning about other kinds of people and cultures not of my own.~ That is why I ask these questions.~ So I have no idea how you jumped to such conclusions.~

Although you did make it a point to include an "edit:" part in your post, so I suppose you caught yourself in this and are trying to apologize in a round-about way.~ In which case, yes I accept your apology!~ ^_^

Although if you meant the "ignorant" part of the definition of "insular", then you are correct I am rather very ignorant of such things, but again that is why I am asking these questions.~ ^_^

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