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Originally Posted by Nudge View Post
I don't say this to be alarmist-- when my relationship with a co-worker was discovered (we are both married, but are able to fraternize under our company's 'fraternization policy') we were both nearly fired because of the dissaproval of some key people in the office. The way it is, I lost any opportunity for a raise, and feel that my opportunities for growth at my office have all but disappeared.
Quoting my BF here, cause Im that coworker and I have another coworkers question. its not entirely along the lines of this original post, but it seemed like a good place to put it. So above Nudge is talking about us...things have settled down at the office and people are being OK...but Im about to bring on a new employee who will know nothing of this situation. The whole office knows about Nudge and I, but I dont think anyone would tell her. I dont keep our relationship a 'secret' but I dont want this new person to see how much Im with Nudge (or really our general attraction to each other thats just easy to pick up on even if we arent DOING anything) and asusme that we are cheating. I cant exactly just TELL her either. Advice? Its just none of her business and let it lay?
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