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I'm someone who needs a D/s relationship. Woodsmith and I tried but it doesn't work for us. He needs someone that will give him a fight for dominance and doesn't know what to do with someone once they are at a submissive level. I on the other hand need someone who just by their presence is able to ignite the submissive spark in me. He is very laid back and nonchalant about everything that I actually have to generally take more of a lead role in any aspect of our relationship which is really difficult and drives me up a wall.

I realized that on a level of submission scale I fall between a D6 and D7 (too bad they don't make D6.5 die). I want to be able to have control over my life when it comes to necessities (making sure any relationship I have that is not a D/s or M/s one are healthy, any work I do) but have my free time that is not in that being available for my dom or master to have full control over. Even to the point of before I go to work or something giving me a protocol as to how nice to dress.
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