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I'm going to jump in here because I would like to see where this thread goes! I do not have any "formal" understanding of D/s relationship dynamics, but I have had some conversations with a male friend who is a Dom in his relationship with a female partner and I found those conversations to be thought provoking.

I would suggest that although many people are having D/s relationship dynamics, they have never identified the dynamics as such.

When I explained the dynamics of my relationship with Richard, my Dom friend said- "girl you are a domme and you need to get some thigh high leather boots and a whip". I actually liked that idea although I haven't followed up with it because D/s dynamics between me and Richard are deeply ingrained from within and I'm not sure if I need to "act them out" publically in any way- through dress etc.

I am definitely domme by nature, but I will switch and the reason I will switch is because I consider it an opportunity to do what I call "Shadow work".

Looking forward to hearing what others have to say!!
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