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Originally Posted by YouAreHere View Post
I have cut the Cable TV cord today, vacillated on whether or not to move to Dish, but decided that it really wasn't going to save me any money, and just bit the bullet. I found the sweet spot for my HD antenna, and can pick up all the over-the-air Boston channels (woo hoo!). Between that, Hulu, Netflix, and a cable between the TV and the laptop, I think we'll have all the TV we want (except maybe some of the Cartoon Network stuff for the kids).
I have read a little bit about this - it seems many, many people are tired of the outrageous prices of cable or satellite and are instead installing HD antennae on their TVs. Can you PM me with what kind of antenna you have and where I should try and look to get one? One of the things I had to do after my husband left was let go of my cable service (I was unemployed, maxxxxxed out my credit cards, and almost got evicted). A neighbor of mine gave me the password to his wifi, but I'be been living without TV for over a year. In NYC, you can't get any reception, even the basic channels, without cable. But apparently these HD antennae really work well in the city and more and more people are putting them up. I just don't know if I'd have to put anything on my roof, too.
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