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If it's a full-time thing, yes, it does greatly impact the way the relationships go.
There is a BDSM thread (which I started many moons ago) somewhere. But honestly-I haven't looked at it in ages. There were others who kept going with it. But I haven't.

For some of us-our D/s is worked AROUND the reality of our life. So for example;
As a sub-I reserve the right to run my OTHER relationships AS I SEE FIT. Period. I don't agree to having my poly limited. I don't agree to have my parenting rights limited or my financial rights or my educational rights.
I agree to a set number of submissive things. One is that when going out to eat, I don't order for myself. He does. But-if I'm with another partner-that is part of MY OTHER RELATIONSHIP and he has no say so in how that plays out.

Some people put their D/s dynamic first and work the rest of their life around it.
That would TOTALLY not work for me.
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