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Default South Central California Anyone?

I have not been here long, but it seems to me that too many people think that polyamory and swinging are synonymous. This is simply not true. In swinging, couples play with other couples with or without even knowing them. The amory part of polyamory is LOVE. I am here and not on another site because my wife and I need to at least care for the people we are with if not outright love them. And yes, you can love your spouse and still love another. I am 53 and she is 42. We are looking for a couple, female or male who will spend time with us. Do things with us. Get to know us. If the thought is that we will get together once in a while for a quick romp, we are not the people you are looking for. I must state that if you are male and still interested, you must be bi. Why? My wife already has a boyfriend. But seriously, if you are looking to spend time with a couple and get to know them, then see if anything else works out, contact me. I promise to answer all responses.
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