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Originally Posted by spiderlady View Post
I want communication really. If I'm the only one bringing it up, it no longer feels like we're talking together.
He has clearly demonstrated to you that he is not prone to bringing up these topics to you. It could be because he's naturally shy and just doesn't do that - it could be that he is recoiling from your rather fierce intensity on the topics.

You are being irrational in assuming that he should bring up topics to you which you want to discuss. YOU are the one who wants to discuss it so why shouldn't you be the one to bring it up? If HE wanted to discuss it I presume he would bring it up... no?

I strongly suggest you identify your need for him to bring up a topic as useless baggage and move on with your life. You are only causing damage to your relationship with it. If you want to talk about something then bring it up (calmly, gently, and with your audience in mind).
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