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Don't hold back, we can take it!!

Originally Posted by spiderlady View Post
I need him to try. Iím tired of play-acting like everything is ok.
So you guys started out "opening up" your relationship. You had a more love/relationship centric approach in mind but he only saw himself getting to have some threesomes with hot girl on girl action.

You do some reading and realize "Holy crap, I think I'm polyamorous"

So what is it you need him to try to do? Read about polyamory? Is that the problem you're having?

While it's good to vent, it is also good to take a deep breath and actually communicate what is going on if you want people to give you input on it. You sound irrationally pissed off and I suggest you dial that WAY down if you actually intend on addressing this situation with anything but a claw hammer.
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