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Conversation happened. While Lamian said that it is something that maybe in the future could be brought up she's not confident in herself, her and Seven's communication, or their relationship that if any of the same issues started to arise they would be able to make it. She told me that she was pissed enough at him when he did it that until he explained that he was just sick of the fighting she was ready to leave him over it because of the fact I wasn't the issue, their problems were.

Friendships have been salvaged. That's the thing I was the most concerned about regarding all of this. One thing I didn't mention (because it's really not important) is that I'm not going to wait for them to be okay. If I was to end up in another relationship with someone who things work with and then they are at a point where Seven could be with me again if I don't have space for him in my life that way it'll just have to not happen.
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