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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Added thought:

As with Marcus-I didn't realize this was a D/s dynamic (actually, I may have at some point-but forgotten because it seems like I remember reading that at some point-but not recently).

At any rate-a D/s dynamic has a WHOLE other set of responsibilities involved that complicate the whole situation.

I won't go into that here-because you state that you've stepped back from it.

But-I am a switch. I am a submissive in one relationship and I am Master to a slave in the other. So if you want to talk about that at any point in the future-it's fine to pm me. I do support your choice to step back-the ramifications of the relationship situation do not sound like they support the option of any sort of healthy D/s dynamic.
The D/s dynamic is so far outside of what I can comprehend, it's kind of amazing. Generally speaking I avoid these topics like the plague. Unfortunately I got into this one and only discovered just a second ago that's what was going on.

I actually wish there was an area for D/s topics because the way of relating is so completely unrelated to non-D/s. That way I won't go into those topics
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