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I can only speak for myself and I applaud whatever works for any of you.~

It's in my nature to be brutally and un-held-back honest with everything.~

Although when it comes to people who are not my lovers I respect what they do or don't want to talk about and other preferences they may have within my own reasoning.

When it comes to my lovers however, if they can't handle how brutally honest and open I am about EVERYTHING, then they are not ok with "me" as a person.~ That's ok, I will always welcome them back in to my life if they ever change their mind.~ My love is eternal, my friendship everlasting.~

I have a blog on Tumblr and I am fully aware that it is public for everyone to see and I am PROUD of it!~

I also have a very detailed long profile on OkCupid and I am also fully aware that it is also public for everyone to see and I am PROUD of it to!~

I hold no punches and I do not censor myself, for someone to love me they would have to love "me" totally, completely, and purely.~

If they have questions about the things I post or look at online, go ahead and ask.~

I am not what you call a "private" person, I am the kind of person who screams in public not caring who learns about the problems in my life.~

That's just me though, I again applaud whatever you all have found that works for you.~

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