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Flowerchild, you have some excellent points and I will be pondering them, thank you.

Just one point I should clear up, I don't think I asked him to tell me I was his "chosen one" in May. (By chosen one, I meant would I be the one he would ask to marry him if the decision was before him following having met Shasti. Note, he had asked me (coerced me) into marrying him before we opened things up.) I had asked him that at some point in the past year, but upon reflection, that was not something I asked of him in May. I believe all I asked him to tell me was that he loved me, that he was committed to me/us.
Petunia: 52 year old, straight, cisgender female
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Shasti: Twitch's 46 year old straight cisgender girlfriend, mother of Twitch's son
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