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Default Update

Where to begin...

Well G and S are gone now. A couple weeks ago Phoenix and I went over and we were all drinking and fooling around and stuff happened that I guess crossed a line and S got really mad at us all. In the midst of me trying to diffuse the situation, she said some very hurtful things to me. She sent both Phoenix and I apology texts after they were gone but I still won't be able to go back to how it was before. She over reacted, in a few people's opinion, at the first sign of something not going the way she wanted and wanted to cut us out of her life. I personally don't think she can handle being poly. Also I don't need someone who is going to insult me like she did in my life.

Z came to visit for a few days. It was great being able to snuggle with both him and Phoenix. I was sad when he had to leave, especially knowing it will be a while before we get a chance to see each other again.

In happier news, Cherry and I are official! :-D *does happy dance* I am beside myself. She is an amazing woman and I am super lucky to have met and gotten to know her. <3

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