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Welcome to the Forum Nony. I think you will have found the right place.

I’m afraid I don’t know where to find the FWB’s that you seek. Like any dating, there’s no guarantee’s. Additionally the dating pool of partners willing to be in less conventional relationships can be fairly small, and hard to find...and a lot seems to depend on location size (towns vs cities) and local culture. Suffice to say, it has its challenges, some of which it sounds like you’ve already experienced. What I have found though, is that a lot of looking seems to lead to a lot of frustration. Whereas finding favourable locations or events to attend and relaxing about the whole thing...well I can’t say the results are any more favourable, but there’s a lot less frustration.

Fortunately you sound like you will have some time to think about things. There’s no reason to rush, and you’re just getting started. Take your time, communicate, and enjoy the journey.
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