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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
You are making your own risk assessment about what you can tolerate and what you can't. Marcus makes his own assessments and they do not need to match yours.
Yes they do need to match! I am the One True Poly! This was clearly my point as I said it... never

There was a contradiction and I was poking to see if I could figure out why. My assumption was that she was hiding behind the "risk" issue because she was mad at him for not doing what she wanted him to.

I was apparently incorrect:

Originally Posted by herstory View Post
I'm now working on becoming pregnant for a couple and I want to minimize the risks as much as I can without completely giving up sex. I know...shame on me for being poly and a surrogate.
What's wrong with being poly and being a surrogate? Go on with your bad self.

The Poly Board of Ethics may be sending you a notice in the mail though. Don't worry, it's just a formality.
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