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Default hey!

Hopefully somebody will get this and introduce themselves...? this looks like an old thread...

I live in Seattle.... and although my husband and i have been poly-friendly forever, it wasn't until last year that we decided to do it ourselves.... now we are having some definite ups and downs, but are both searching for friends, tools, ideas..... even just interesting conversations would be nice! everything we talk about and the expectations we have surrounding how we want to proceed with our lives - it all feels wonderful to both of us. we communicate with eachother extremely well, and can talk about anything and everything. the hardest times we have had over the past year have been all around jealousy. i am sure that is common. i am new to polyamory as far as experience is concerned. i am sure that everything i have to say has already been said...... so i guess i'd just like to make friends and have fun talks....? and probably learn a lot along the way.

i have no idea what the world has in store for me.... and this is the first forum i have ever joined!
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