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Originally Posted by herstory View Post
In the beginning of our FWB situation he had an unprotected one night stand with someone who had herpes. It was a big deal for us. We didn't have sex for about 4 months.
So he has a proven history of not using protection with his lovers (including you). He also has a proven history of clearly communicating with you what is happening in his sex life so that you can make an informed decision. What does that tell you?

One way to take this information is to be pissed off and have hurt feelings. To lose a friendship and assume villainy on him. To assume that HE should use condoms for YOUR sake.

Another way is to realize that your expectation of how he is to behave in his sex life is not going to be met. That being the case, *you* should use condoms with him. Viola, problem solved and no one needs to break up or be the "bad guy".

Should this really require you end the relationship with him? Do you dislike using condoms that much?

Originally Posted by herstory View Post
Because condoms cannot protect from all sti's
There is apparently a miniscule risk of transmitting infections or getting pregnant even with condoms. If this minor risk is really that important to you then I think it would be unwise for you to have sex with anyone (ever), unless it can be proven (I mean, with GPS tracking and video footage) that your lovers follow the correct protocol.
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