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miss pixi's energy for us, our house and home decorating, is back. Yay! We've been hanging shelves and mirrors and paintings.

Ginger's cold is gradually improving and his wife is healed enough to go back to her part time job for their town.

He is still trying to set up dates with Mischa and now this other woman, C. Frankly it bothers me a bit, since he has me, his wife, and my gf as a close friend/occasional makeout or sex partner already. Does he really need 5 women?

Well, he found out Mischa has tested pos for Herpes 1 and 2 today... he'd seen a cold sore on her mouth on their one date and so they didn't kiss. Maybe now sex is off the table. He's disappointed and she's upset.

I guess the other woman, C, is eager to meet but doesn't have a car, so it's up to him to drive to her and he's not feeling well enough yet.

Meanwhile, I was chatting online with an old friend who checks in with me every other month or so, and she asked about my dating life, and I told her about "New Person," the guy that tried to kill himself. I showed her his Fetlife profile which I had not checked since he attempted the suicide. I saw he mentioned a newspaper article about him, the attempt, and his subsequent struggles, and I read it. It reopened the trauma for me and I became all triggered again. It also gave a kind of closure... at least I know he really did it and wasnt just making up a weird story to stop dating me.

I'd been debating whether to just step away from the crazy, but I felt maybe talking to him would be more healing for me. This morning I saw him sign on to okc, so contacted him and we PMed back and forth and I got more of his story, about his wife, her gf, how he and his wife are separating, how his meds are ramping up, etc.

sigh... I need a long walk on a beach or something.

I am totally off meeting anymore new people. Sex and fun are great, but lately all I get is their fuckedupness and troubles in my face.
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