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Somehow I have a feeling this message may make some of you yell at me.

So Seven and I had what started as a bit of an argument last night. He was pissed as to how I was acting in regards to the break up, I was still really hurting. Got that all out of the way and then got to actually have a talk.

I was able to make it clear how much it hurt the fact that he says I wasn't doing things wrong but because he and Lamian couldn't figure stuff out I was the one caught in the crosshairs and being punished. He told me that she hadn't made him end things and in fact was livid with him when she found out he had.

Lots of crying (on my part), apologies (his part), and talking. Finally I said something that I thought was going to sound stupid. One of Lamian's things was that his and mine relationship kinda just happened. Things kept growing and changing without her approval because neither of us expected it to happen and then it did. She felt like he was lying and cheating and that I was trying to avoid talking with her about what I was wanting in my relationship. What I ended up saying last night is that I want a chance for starting over. I want to be with him still and I want us to go about it healthier if need be so we can. He told me it's what he wants as well so he's going to see if she's open to it. If so, we try again. If not, we're still friends.
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