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Unhappy Seeking a little advice

I had a relationship which started out as a FWB over a year ago. Although, the lines were quite smudged especially after he told me he loved me a couple of months ago. Over time that friend started wanting more involvement in my life and I allowed it. I had fallen in love with him. The only thing I asked of him was to be safe while sleeping with other people. Meaning - use a condom and have them get tested prior to sex - at the very least use a darn condom.

Well he reconnected with an old fling and they had unprotected sex. He avoided hanging out with me when we could be intimate and then a week later told me what had happened. I was upset, it took me a couple days, but I forgave him. I wasn't ready to be intimate with him until after he got tested. He mentioned how he might be monogamous to me for a while (which I openly laughed at, cause I knew that wasn't for him) and then a couple days later he did it again.

I told him we could only be friends now. But I'm still upset. I'm not sure when I can be friends with him. I thought we were at a point where there was a strong commitment to respecting each other. While he was honest, he didn't think of how his unprotected sex would affect me. Although, he says he did think of me and that is why he was honest about it. I feel pushed aside and hurt. I don't want him back intimately but I need to get to the place where I can forgive him and move on. Suggestions?

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